Rachel Martin is a pioneer. We’ve heard of people pulling inside bank jobs. We’ve heard of models getting boob jobs. This is the first time we’ve ever heard of an aspiring model pulling an inside bank job so that she could get a boob job - we guess it was just a matter of time.

The 24-year-old bombshell bank teller, is now facing prison time, after ripping off nearly $72,000 from the bank where she worked and spending it all on a boob job, dental work, liposuction, hair extensions and make- up. Way to stay low key, right?

Over the course of an eight-week period, Martin embezzled her jug funds a few thousand dollars at a time, stashing the stolen scratch into her personal account. For the record, we want the number of the defense lawyer that successfully argues “not guilty” on this one.

By the time police caught up with her, Martin had already spent nearly $7,000 on a new set of fun bags, about $3,000 having her grill tuned up and whitened, and the rest of the $62,000 just seemed to slip away like a washed up rockstar with successful drug habit.

In court, Martin confessed to stealing the money, and is scheduled to appear for sentencing in September. Our guess is that once the prosecution got a “feel” of the evidence, they had no choice but to breast charges.

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