Names: Rainy Day Randy, master of laser weaponry.

Location: Usually either cell block B of a local abandoned prison (pictured), or his mom's basement in Flushing, Queens.

Occupation: Shift manager at LaZeR FaSt FuNtImEz. He got the job just to improve his game for the professional tournaments, though. He really wants to be an actor.

Hobbies:  Playing Diablo, "tricking out" his laser tag gun, underground Hentai publications, learning to play Ukulele, memorizing teen drama monologues.

6 Things He Can’t Live Without: Prescription deodorant, protective eyewear, quick feet, sweet friends, hot babes and cold beers.

Skills: Hiding, seeking, rocking out.

His Motto: “Is it hot in here?"

HEY, GUYS! This is not a real profile. It was made up for the sheer entertainment that comes from browsing through pictures of, well, hot messes. BTW! If you or someone you know should be one of our Hot Messes of the Day, send us a quick email at jackie [@]

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