NFL players are typically associated with highlight films on ESPN, not lowlight adult films in seedy motel rooms. However, Rob Gronkowski, the tight end for the New England Patriots, has been offered a deal by (totally NSFW so we're not linking) worth $3.75 million dollars to star in a scene.

The New York Post has reported that the adult film site has invited the dancing, shirtless wunderkind to film a scene with retired adult film star Bibi Jones for money that equals his annual base salary. The offer probably came his way due to photos of Gronk and Jones that were shared on the web two years ago. After the photos were released, the tight end had to apologize to the Kraft family (the owners of the Patriots) as well as his unamused head coach, Bill Belichick. Honestly, what does amuse Belichick? Besides the cries of young lambs before slaughter.

"[Gronkowski has] the attitude to be a hugely popular male adult star," said in a press release. "But the offer is on the table for him to get on the table with Bibi."

First of all,, you said "adult star." How you consider the Gronk an adult is beyond most of us. After all, this is a fella who lives the life of a drunken frat boy, dancing shirtless and partying the nights away in clubs across America.

Secondly, did you really think he would sacrifice his NFL career and endorsement deals for quick cash (or should that be quicky cash)? Ol' Gronk has several years of productive football left in him, so this offer would kill his chances of remaining in the NFL and making that base salary for years to come.

And, finally,, if this offer was thrown out there to see how quickly Bill Belichick's head would explode, we salute you. If it doesn't work, try a flock of lambs.

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