Most criminals are dumb, like that dude who drunkenly broke into a house and cooked pot pie in his underwear. Clever idea, but weird. However, that doesn't cancel out the fact that we've fantasized about committing some sort of crime at one point or another. We just don't know how it should go down. Cue: spaghetti sauce man.

Over in Texas, Michael Don Mitchell took the robbery route. He started off this whole crime career by breaking into a house -- yawwwwwn. Mitchell apparently stole $87 worth of cash and some change, which would've amounted to an in-and-out job with a clean getaway. Except, the guy got a little hungry. Robbery famishes a person.

What's a starved man to do in the thick of criminal action? Break out the ravioli and spaghetti sauce, obviously. Surprisingly, taking a break from burglary to eat in the victim's house gave police ample time to show up. Cops caught Mitchell in the middle of his chow down, and according to KETK-TV, the stuff on his face was "consistent with the sauce used in Chef Boyardee raviolis."

Ravioli dude also tried to steal "a green reusable shopping bag, a black fleece hood and two $2 bills." Even though we have no idea what the hell he's going to do with $2 bills, we have to applaud his efforts to be environmentally friendly with that reusable shopping bag.

Mitchell's criminal attempt landed him behind bars where he's on $10,000 bail.

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