We're used to advertisers going all out in their Super Bowl ads, and this year's Mercedes spot doesn't disappoint, offering up cameos from Willem Dafoe, Kate Upton, and Usher, all set to the soundtrack of the Rolling Stones' 'Sympathy for the Devil.'

The clip, embedded above (and teased last week), concerns the spiritual crisis faced by a young man who gets caught eyeballing the new Mercedes CLA by the Devil (played by Dafoe, of course), who offers him the car -- and everything that goes with it, which includes cozying up to Upton, out-dancing Usher, and just generally having the keys to a sweet ride -- in exchange for his soul.

But just in the nick of time, our car-lusting hero is saved by the revelation that the CLA starts at just under $30,000, prompting him to look his tempter in the eye and shrug, "Thanks -- I think I got this." All things considered, it's far from the flashiest or most memorable Super Bowl ad, but it makes its point with speed and a sense of humor, not to mention plenty of star power -- and, of course, a killer soundtrack.

The Stones are no strangers to football's biggest game -- we listed them in our top five Super Bowl halftime show performances, and we'd wager that plenty of fans would rather see them returning for this year's halftime too. This commercial is as close as we'll come, but hey, look at the bright side -- at least we don't have to wait until Feb. 3 to see it.

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