In a slyly sexy nod to cheesy '80s videos, the hit CBS sitcom '2 Broke Girls' presented a commercial titled the '2 Broke Girls Spectacular' during the 2013 Super Bowl on Sunday night (Feb. 3), featuring the Def Leppard hit 'Pour Some Sugar on Me.'

The clip featured Garret Morris as a DJ, dropping the needle on a vinyl record -- presumably Leppard's 1987 smash 'Hysteria' -- whereupon series stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs came out dressed in their usual waitress uniforms.

But the clip took a turn for the exotic when the two broke girls stripped to reveal skimpy attire beneath, then began to prance around like classic '80s video vixens -- throwing their hair around wildly, pole dancing for no apparent reason, and stirring some kind of candy confection in an unnecessarily sexualized manner.

True to the show's offbeat sense of humor, Dennings suddenly stopped and demanded, "Wait -- why are we doing this again?"

"It's for the Super Bowl!" Behrs replied -- whereupon they suddenly resumed the over-the-top pole dancing they had been engaged in.

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