There are a lot of hot girls in the Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl Commercial but there's a long-legged babe with a pair of glowy stems in the beginning of the commercial that totally rocked our world. 

While her legs are more prominent in the spot then her face, we were captivated and mesmerized. We were able to catch a few glimpses of her pretty face here and there.

The fact that we only had a quick look at her left us wondering -- who is she?

Her name is Lindsay Rae and she is from California. She also appeared in the video for that awful 'Soul Sister' song by Train. You know, the one that was on the radio every five seconds a few years ago? Yeah, that one.

According to her Facebook page, she's real estate agent and a high fashion model, which pretty much means she has the potential to earn major income and she looks hot while doing it.

Budweiser 'Black Crown' Commercial
Girl In Budweiser Black Crown Commercial
Girl In Budweiser 'Black Crown' Commercial

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