In the AXE body spray Super Bowl commercial, a bikini-clad babe is being attacked by a shark, facing certain death from Jaws. What does the lifeguard who bravely punches the shark in the face, Dane Cook-style, get for his troubles, having risked his own being body sheared off at the hips in order to save her? Does he get the girl? A public makeout sesh? A thank you?

Nope. She ditches him immediately after he saves her from being fish food for the AXE Apollo guy. Nothing comes between a girl and her AXE guy. That stuff is a chick magnet. Well, that's what the ad guys want you to think.

Who is the ungrateful yet still beautiful babe?

She's South African swimsuit model Shane Van Der Westhuizen. And yes, she's really, really hot. She's also been featured in Sports Illustrated.

Check out her Facebook page for some pretty bangin' shots.

We'd probably swim out into shark-infested waters to save her, too.