Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

Voodoo Child
There were plenty of hot women populating this year's Super Bowl commercials. Luckily for us, there was no shortage of Kate Upton, either. We could have lived without Bar Refaeli making out with a Jonah Hill clone, though. However, that scarring memory could easily be erased by perhaps the hott…
'Super' Funny
Samsung released a snippet of it's 2013 Super Bowl commercial last week with Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Bob Odenkirk and all the things you can and can't say in regards to the 'Big Game'. Now, hours before kickoff, the official 2-minute Samsung 2013 Super Bowl commercial is a…
AXE Super Bowl Ad
Male grooming product maker AXE catches plenty of heat for its over-the-top ad campaigns. Its 2013 Super Bowl commercial for AXE Apollo is in lockstep with the company's irreverent tone.
No Holds 'Bar'
In this GoDaddy 2013 Super Bowl Commercial, Bar Refaeli shows she has lowered her standards since splitting with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Historical 'Mayhem'
Allstate's 2013 Super Bowl commercial with the familiar and hilarious "Mayhem" character, which will air during Super Bowl 47, may be one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials ever.
'Prom' Queen
In this Super Bowl 47 commercial, a young dude is actually going to the prom by himself, like a loser. But he does so in a sweet, silver Audi. It's quite shocking that this guy couldn't find a date, even if it had to be one of the ugly or fat chicks...

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