Allstate's 2013 Super Bowl commercial with the familiar and hilarious "Mayhem" character, which will air during Super Bowl 47, may be one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials ever.

Up until now, Mayhem, who's played by actor Dean Winters, has caused minor fender benders and the collapse of a garage roof. In this 2013 Super Bowl commercial for Allstate, his reign of terror begins with a bite of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Then, his appetite for destruction causes nothing less than the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Trojan Horse, the rise of Napoleon, the cracking of the Liberty Bell, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the recent NFL replacement referee debacle, among other things.

If the point of this 2013 Super Bowl commercial is to make people switch insurance companies through fear-mongering, mission accomplished. We're calling Allstate right away.

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