Coca Cola just won't stop trying to make the world a better place. The soft drink company that once tried to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony was at it again during the Super Bowl on Sunday night (Feb. 3), airing a heartwarming commercial set to the tune of the Supertramp classic 'Give a Little Bit.'

The spot is cut together from a bunch of unrelated shots from security cameras all over the world, with the underlying notion that they capture not only the worst of humanity, but the best. The scenes include someone giving a homeless man a newly-purchased bag of potato chips, an unexpected samaritan putting out a car fire at a stoplight, and an optimistic graffiti artist delivering a simple message of peace on the side of a building.

The buoyant optimism of the spot is a perfect match for Roger Hodgson's simple, universal plea for unity and love, which scored a huge hit from the 1977 Supertramp album 'Even in the Quietest Moments . . .'

As a wise man once said, "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?"

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