The Taco Bell 2013 Super Bowl commercial is hopefully a glimpse into our future. 

The ad, scheduled to run during Super Bowl 47, features a grandpa going just a little nuts on his revved up Rascal and wrecking havoc on a football field.

This Taco Bell 2013 Super Bowl commercial either wants us to believe that their tacos make people feel young, make people want to commit felonies or cause old people to lose their minds. Maybe he actually just has to use the crapper. Usually what happens to us after too much Taco Bell.

Honestly, our favorite part of this Super Bowl 47 commercial is the line at the bottom that says DO NOT DO THIS.

Whatever the angle, this Super Bowl 47 Taco Bell commercial does prove that even the old can act young again. All they need are some tacos and a tricked out Rascal scooter.

Taco Bell 2013 'Live Mas' Commercial 

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