What’s Motoblur? It’s the thing that makes it possible for us to watch a naked Megan Fox taking a bath. Thank you, Motoblur.

This Motorla clip is sure to be one of the most popular 2013 Super Bowl commercials. In the ad, Megan Fox sits in the tub, snaps a sexy pic, and wonders what would happen if she posted the pic online. She does, and complete chaos ensues around America.

We knew Megan Fox had the power to make us sweat, drool, and even pass out sometimes, but now we know her hotness has the power to ruin lives everywhere. Still, we’re cool with it. We’d take a nude Megan Fox in the bathtub over no nude Megan Fox in the bathtub any day, consequences be damned.

It feels like Megan Fox has been out of the spotlight for a while. We think this sexy Super Bowl 47 commercial puts her back on the map. What do you think? Will this ad be the highlight of the torrent of Super Bowl 47 commercials?

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