In this Super Bowl 47 commercial, a young dude is actually going to the prom by himself, like a loser. But he does so in a sweet, silver Audi. It's quite shocking that this guy couldn't find a date, even if it had to be one of the ugly or fat chicks. Someone of the female persuasion would want to accompany him to prom, especially in those smokin' wheels. He cruises, parks in principal's spot. He gets the girl in the end and she's the prom queen.

After their kiss, her boyfriend gifts him with a black eye. Still, he's smiling since he got to make out with one slammin' babe.

Who's the prom queen that makes a shiner worth it?

She's Devon Barnes, and according to her Twitter bio, she's this: "Dancer. Model. Actress. Fashion stylist. I live in oc but I work all over socal. Outgoing. Silly. Weird. And Awesome!"

This Cali girl doesn't tweet much but we'll agree with her assertion that's she's awesome, in both the commercial and in photographic form.

Devon Barnes

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