The only thing better than the dude who jams a Q-tip in his ear and screams like it was a screwdriver in this WaxVac commercial is the hot blonde who really enjoys sucking debris out of her ears. We could watch him bark "Ouch!" on repeat all day long. But that would take time away from gawking at this blonde babe.

Notice how she breaks into an ear-to-ear grin once she puts that buzzer in her ear… sorta like a vibrator. We also noticed that the voiceover tells us that the safety guard prevents it from going too deep. This commercial is found porn, like a Shake Weight!

So, who is the broad with incredibly clean ear canals?

Her name is Amanda Michelle Bisack. Yes, we noticed that she has the word "sack" in her last name. We couldn't have scripted a better name for this hottie.

She is an actress, a model and a dancer in NYC. She's also a business owner. Follow her Twitter exploits here.