In the Old Spice 'Push Ups' commercial, there's a hot chick riding a jet ski on the back of Green Bay Packers's wide receiver Greg Jennings while he does push ups. He gives her quite a ride and barely breaks a sweat, thanks to Old Spice Champion.

The commercial is all of 15 seconds, but it's good enough for us.

The bikini babe is having such a good time that she is practically orgasmic. So before you rush out to stockpile bottles of the stuff so you can make your girl experience a similar feeling, let's find out who she is!

She's Crystal Cooper. She's an actress -- and clearly a talented one, judging by the moaning on that jet ski. We believe she's having the best time of her life on Jennings' back. She's that convincing. Cooper has been in something called 'From the Head' -no, really- and 'A Grail of Two Idiots.' Riverting fare, we're sure.

Her resume is a bit thin at this point, but we predict we'll be seeing more of this babe thanks to this spot.

Model Mayhem
Model Mayhem