The 2013 Super Bowl will feature many commercials. You can even check here for what movie trailers will be running during the 2013 Super Bowl. But what you won't see is a :20 ad for web site PornHub, which was summarily rejected by CBS. The good news? You can watch it now.

PornHub is one of the biggest web sites on the internet. In fact it nearly triples (!!) the web traffic of and So they've certainly got the $3.5 million required to buy commercial time during the 2013 Super Bowl but CBS doesn't want their dirty money. Even if it turns out their money isn't quite as dirty as you think.

The web company probably never expected to be approved by CBS and probably created the ad more of a publicity stunt than an actual attempt to run a commercial but it does seem odd that CBS would ban this ad considering how many Viagra and Cialis ads we actually will see.

So what is in this crazy PornHub ad that CBS doesn't want you to see? Well it starts with an elderly couple sitting quietly on the bench. And then?... Well, we don't want to ruin the surprise. (We will say that the ad is, surprisingly, completely safe for work.) You can watch the PornHub 2013 Super Bowl commercial below.

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