An all-female group of British rowers proved that some things are just easier when you're naked. The five adventurous ladies paddled their way across the Atlantic Ocean sans clothing in 45 days, breaking the previous world record (for speed, not the being nude part) in the process.

The decision to don birthday suits for most of the journey was rooted in sheer strategy, the crew told CNN. Skipper Debbie Beadle of the 'Row For Freedom' project explained that rowers can develop sores due to sea water increasing the friction between skin and clothing. Think the opposite of 'no pain, no gain.' It's 'no clothes, no sores.'

"If you row naked it means you don't rub as much and you also get dry much quicker instead of constantly having wet clothes," Beadle said, calling the move a "necessity."

Necessary or not, we applaud you. We going to try the same approach the next time it rains. Much easier to run from our car to the office naked.

[Via CNN]

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