Remember that weird kid in your high school who was double jointed? Every school has one. Well, that kid would be downright normal compared to this fella.

Meet Jaspreet Singh Kalra, a 15-year-old from Punjab, India, who's nicknamed Rubber Man because he can maneuver his body in some pretty sick ways. Let's just you're not going to beat him in a game of Twister.

Jaspreet, who will soon appear on India's Got Talent, may only be 15, but he's already found the thing he's good at it and hopes to turn it into his life's work. Not too shabby, considering most kids that age want to be athletes or rock stars and then wind up realizing their life's work is to be sequestered in a cubicle filling out TPS reports.

So, you don't have to have as much as flexibility as Jaspreet to be able to wrap your head around his logic because it sure seems to make sense.

As he says, "I want to be the number one contortionist in the world." Sounds reasonable, but do they even have rankings? Is there a tournament, like March Madness? How exactly do they figure that out?