You think you're tough? If you can watch this without shuddering, jumping out of your seat or wincing, then, yeah, you're tough. That, or you're totally impervious to pain.

Earlier this week, former Australian rugby player Ben Ross, 35, broke his arm and let out a scream that will go down in history while arm wrestling Wendell Sailor, another former rugby player. Note the graphic video and NSFW language. If you can stomach watching this more than once, you're either brave or trying to remove the contents of your lunch.

About the only thing that could've made this worse is the fact the injury, which occurred only four seconds into the contest, took place on live TV on Australia's Nine Network in front of a studio audience that gasped, then got eerily quiet.

Ross was taken to a nearby hospital, while the show's host said he was "in good spirits," which is the Australian PC way of saying, "He's in complete agony."

For his part, Sailor was sending good vibes Ross' way:

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