Future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush will release a DVD chronicling their recent 'Clockwork Angels' tour on May 21. The news comes courtesy of the Rush Is a Band fan site.

"Rush filmed both the Phoenix and Dallas shows this past November for the planned DVD release," the site notes. "Reports at the time indicated that the Dallas show would be the primary source for the film with the Phoenix footage used mainly as a backup."

Beginning with 2003's 'Rush in Rio,' this will mark the sixth time in the past 10 years that Rush have released a video document of their legendary live prowess. This doesn't include 'Rush Replay X 3,' a box set comprised of three shows from the 1980s that was released in 2006.

Rush have a handful of European shows scheduled May and June. Although they have said they are planning to tour North America in the spring and summer, no other dates have been confirmed. Several sites have leaked itineraries posted, but since they include a show listed for April 18, the night that they are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they can not be given any credibility.