By now you must have noticed that Russian drivers are amazingly good at capturing highway drama as it happens. In a prime example, multiple amateur videos have sprung up showing a 10-ton meteor blazing a path across the Russian sky today.

The massive space rock hurled through the skies during the early morning Russian commute, causing a powerful sonic boom which set off car alarms, broke glass out of homes and "shook the roof off" a factory.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry said 514 people sought medical help (due primarily to shattered glass and burst eardrums) and of those, 112 were hospitalized.

The first video evidence of the event showed up on YouTube within minutes of the sighting. This is not the first example of amazing video footage coming from dash-cams in former Soviet Russia. Several dash-cam accident video clips have been popping up on YouTube in recent months causing many to wonder why so many Russians enjoy filming their daily commutes.

According to a report last year by Al Jazeera, an estimated one million Russian motorists have dashboard video cameras installed in their automobiles. No, this is not to catch the next wave of YouTube internet stardom - the cams are there to help stamp out police corruption.

Marina Galperina, who originally hails from Russia, wrote in a piece last year about Russia's dash cam culture, "The Russian Highway Patrol is known throughout their land for brutality, corruption, extortion and making an income on bribes. Dash-cams won't protect you from being extorted for cash, because your ass shouldn't have been speeding. It will however keep you safer from drunks in uniform, false accusations and unreasonable bribe hikes."

I've learned two things today: First, Ruskies catch the darnedest things on video. And, secondly, we should be mimicking our Russian cousins and installing dashboard cameras immediately, especially if you live in the greater Los Angeles area.

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