Is there anything hotter than a beautiful leather-clad woman speeding away on a motorcycle? How about a beautiful leather-clad woman who’s won medals for speeding away on a motorcycle? We’re talking about X Games medalist and pro racer Sara Price.

The nineteen-year-old racer and beauty pageant winner started riding dirt bikes when she was eight years old. Price was named 2009 AMA/WMX Rookie of the Year, and she earned the XG bronze medal in 2010.

Price started her own racing academy last year after suffering an injury after crashing while competing in the 2011 X Games. She gives back to her community and mini dirt bikers by training all ages at Southern California racing tracks.

“It makes me pumped to see some of my racers make their goals and even more and know that I helped them achieve that,” she told ESPN recently about training.

She finished as first-runner up in the recent Miss Teen pageant and is prepping to participate in Donald Trump's Miss California Pageant next year. Here’s hoping the stage is big enough for a dirt bike ramp for the talent portion of the show.


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