Oh, those nutty Russians!

Check out this guy, who finagles his way onto the roof of a train like some sort of real-life action star. In this case, the action really gets underway at the two-minute mark and will leave you breathless.

Not content simply to ride on top of the train like Michael J. Fox on Stiles' truck in the original Teen Wolf, he whips out a selfie stick and captures his antics (which include running -- running!), proving the dash cam videos Russians are famous for are a distant second when it comes to lunacy.

Eventually, our hero wiggles his way down between two cars where passengers were probably more flabbergasted than they would be if someone gave them bad vodka.

When the train stops, he hops off and goes along his merry way, leaving us to wonder what he did with the rest of his day to match the adrenaline rush he had while train surfing.