‘Prometheus’ opens this Friday, marking director Ridely Scott’s return to the ‘Alien’ franchise, and the return of one of the hottest women on the planet, Charlize Theron, to the multiplex. Theron is rumored to be playing a villainous android in ‘Prometheus, billed as a prequel of sorts to Scott’s 1979 classic space-set thriller ‘Alien.’

If Theron’s character, Meredith Vickers, turns out to be a futuristic fembot, the Oscar-winning star will join a club of super hot actresses who have played sexy androids in some of our favorite sci-fi flicks and TV shows. Who are these super hot actresses, and what made their characters so sexy? We're glad you asked!

Let’s count down the 10 sexiest android babes from movies and TV.

Cameron, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

John Connor wasn’t the only one crushing on Cameron, the gorgeous, ass-kicking Terminator played by Summer Glau on the short-lived Fox TV series. Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shotgun-wielding cyborg from the movies, Cameron was a “reprogrammed” killing machine sent back in time to protect Connor from the evil Skynet. Unlike Arnold’s Terminator, Cameron was modeled after a smokin’ hot human girl, which helped make her the show’s most popular character and also made Connor’s relationship with her a little more complicated than his relationship with the Arnie-bot.

The T-X, Terminator 3

It’s hard to deny the power of a robot hottie who can increase her breast size at will. Model-actress Kristanna Loken was an unstoppable, flame-throwing bionic force to be reckoned with in the third ‘Terminator’ flick. In order to amp up the threat level from the last movie, the “top of the line” The T-X was programmed with the ability to transform her arms into guns and long-range flamethrowers, where Robert Patrick’s ‘T2’ baddie could only morph his liquid metal body into blades. And did we mention she could up her breast size at will? Upgrade!

Lenore, ‘Serenity’

Mr. Universe’s Stepford-esque (but in a cute, not threatening way) blonde bride, played by actress Nectar Rose, was only onscreen for a few minutes, but they were some a the funniest and most memorable minutes of Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’ movie. While talking to Mal and crew, Mr. Universe reveals his sentimental side and describes the day he married his lovely robot bride. “I cried like a baby,” he says. “A hungry, angry baby.”

Annalee Call, ‘Alien: Resurrection’

Depending on the scene, Winona Ryder’s performance as this pixie-cut sporting conflicted android is both the best and the worst thing about ‘Alien: Resurrection.’ At times, Annalee seems too childlike, weak and vacant, which is anything but attractive. But toward the end of the film, she reveals a strong and crafty side that finally makes her a desirable, if not great, character.

Pris, Blade Runner

Casting tall, blonde ‘80s beauty Daryl Hannah as an uber-sensual “basic pleasure model” Replicant was a no brainer. Making her one of the most disturbing characters in the film was inspired. Only a few years before becoming a sexy but non-threatening romantic comedy icon in ‘Splash,’ Hannah went cyberpunk as the cunning, unpredictable and manipulative Pris. Her (Spoilers!) unsettling death scene still haunts us to this day.

Zoe Graystone, Caprica

Though not technically an android, Alessandra Torresani’s Zoe Graystone is credited as being the first Cylon, the beta model of a robot race that would one day destroy mankind ...again and again and again. Zoe was a sharp and fiery schoolgirl with a forceful rebellious streak and one of the sharpest minds on the planet. Torresani, one of the sexiest genre actresses working today, was captivating and memorable in this ‘Battlestar Galactica’ prequel series, even though she only got to rule cyberspace for a single season.

Buffybot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summer was complex, clever and a natural born leader. The Buffybot was none of those things. Still, she was a perky, Sarah Michelle Gellar-shaped sexbot, and that was pretty damn hot! Vampire badass Spike commissioned the robo version of the Vampire Slayer as a pleasure –giving plaything, but she turned out to be a valuable member of the demon-fighting team … until she was ripped apart by pig-faced, Harley-riding monsters. You are missed, Buffybot!

Alice, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Australian actress Isabel Lucas sure made an impression in her first major film role as a sultry Decepticon who was hot enough to lure Shia LaBeouf away from Megan Fox … at least until she revealed her frightening, six-foot long metal tongue and tried to kill him!

Caprica Six, Battlestar Galactica

We’re willing to forgive this famous Cylon’s heinous acts against humanity simply because she’s so damn hot! Caprica Six, played by Tricia Helfer, used her sexuality to manipulate men (mostly Gaius Baltar) and help her robo-race get the upper hand on the Battlestar Galactica’s ragtag human crew many times. But she became a hero before the series ended, holding a big ass gun and blasting the baddies on the side of the good guys.

Boomer/Athena/Number Eight, Battlestar Galactica

‘Battlestar Galactica’ depicted a bleak and depressing time for mankind, but things weren’t all bad. Case in point: The future was full of multiple versions of Grace Park’s sexy Cylon Number Eight. It wasn’t only Number Eight’s sex appeal that inspired us to put her at the top of this list – she was also the most human of all the Cylons, and watching her emotional journey, as both Boomer and Athena, was one of the most rewarding things about the show.