Looking for another hot Star Wars chick wearing something other than the Princess Leia slave costume? The guys from the Nerdist introduce the Galactic Groomers -- A Sith and Jedi cleaning company working in peace and harmony to clean pets no matter if you are here on Earth or from the planet Endor. This company does bring balance to the Force, as one washes and the other rinses.

Whether you need a scruffy nerf herder or a Shih Tzu groomed, these girls will get the job done. What fanboy would not love to see some sexy ladies get wet and sudsy and then embark on a galactic size catfight? No need to take our word for it, just look at them clean a dirty Wookiee.

Seth Green directed this video and Chris Hardwick, the Nerdist himself, helped to produce this Star Wars ad. One of the women in the video is actually Mrs. Seth Green, also known as Clare Grant. The nepotism is strong with that one. Eh, she is hot, we'll let it slide.

This is the second video that they have made to make Star Wars sexy. To see the first one click here.

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