The old school first-person shooter enthusiasts here at Arcade Sushi were a bit disappointed when Shadow Warrior dropped on iOS last December. All the uzi shootin' and ninja star throwin' action just didn't feel the same. Something was off. But now we think we know what the problem was. It's wasn't free! Okay, who knows if it will make the game any better, but at least you don't have to pay anything for it. Shadow Warrior is today's Free App of the Day!

You should take advantage of this if for no other reason than to say you were on top of one of the biggest price drops in the App Store. For some reason, when Shadow Warrior went up in price last week, it jumped to $9.99... and then to $19.99 the next day! Presumably, this was a mistake. But whatever the case may be, today it dropped from $19.99 to zero.

So even if all that was just a ploy on the part of General Arcade to get our attention -- mission accomplished! Download yourself a copy of Shadow Warrior today for your iPhone and iPad!

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