When little old Laverne decided she wanted to go to skydiving for her 80th birthday this was probably not something she had actually imagined happening.

After getting up the nerve to do it—having been planning it for a decade—she seemed to be excited during the short interview before the jump. Yet when it came time to take her leap of faith she was suddenly overcome with fright and second thoughts, shouting ‘NO’ before jumping. After a little push, Laverne descended toward the ground and got the scare of a lifetime.

Yeah, that’s right. It turns out that the horrified grandmother had a perfectly good reason to be so. When they finally jumped from the plane Laverne’s harness slipped and she was left dangling from her tandem jumper. The third jumper filming the experience attempted to help out, seeing the skydiving grandmother’s tandem jumper grasping her only by the harness and what he could get of her legs. Thankfully when all was said and done and her shirt was properly placed over her sexy back again Laverne was returned safely to the ground.

We wonder if crapping her Depends a thousand feet in the air was also on her bucket list.

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