When beautiful women get ranked numerically on the Internet, it's our eyes which are the big winners. However, in a more technical sense, Sofia Vergara was the big winner of AskMen's annual list of 'The 99 Top Women of 2012.'

The star of 'Modern Family' was followed in the second spot by the equally buxom Kate Upton, suggesting AskMen's editors wisely put a strong emphasis on the timeless ability to full out a bikini.

Blake Lively and Mila Kunis -- who were one and two in AskMen's 2011 list -- fell to 32 and 13, respectively. We will have to examine this more closely, which involves seven hours of staring at photos of each woman in a dimly lit room with 'Dark Side of the Moon' playing softly in the background.

Also, with Nicki Manaj fourth, Rihanna ninth and Lady Gaga at eighteen, AskMen was clearly awarding extra credit for musical talent but if that were the case, why no top 99 love at our girl Emmy Rossum, who sings, acts and embraces gratuitous nudity? Old timers would call her a triple threat.

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