With the exception of throwing yourself into a pair of tall shoes, there really is no way to make you any taller than that with which genetics blessed you. That is, unless you have a connection with the space program.

According to NASA, traveling to outer space has proven to add anywhere between two to three inches to an astronaut's height. Strangely, even though NASA has been aware of this phenomenon for years, they have not yet been able to pinpoint the exact cause. However, scientists anticipate that it is the result of a spine free from the constraints of gravity, according to Space.com.

To study this hypothesis, researchers plan to study six astronauts in a clinical trial where they will use spinal ultrasounds to gauge the difference in their height during 30, 90 and 150 days of space travel. Researchers say the study will be challenging due to spinal ultrasounds being more difficult to conduct than on other parts of the body.

"Today there is a new ultrasound device on the station that allows more precise musculoskeletal imaging required for assessment of the complex anatomy and the spine," said Scott A. Dulchavsky, the principal investigator. "The crew will be able to perform these complex evaluations in the next year due to a newly developed Just-In-Time training guide for spinal ultrasound, combined with refinements in crew training and remote guidance procedures."

Unfortunately, the extra length incurred in space does not last forever here on Earth. Scientists report that most astronauts return back to their normal size within a couple months.

We are curious to find out if space travel would add extra inches to the length of our man junk. Yeah, yeah, we know what you’re thinking: what are those guys going to do with four inch penises?

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