'Star Wars: Episode 7' is still in the early stages of development with J.J. Abrams just joining the team a few weeks ago. So what was one of J.J.'s first orders of business after signing on to direct the next 'Star Wars' film? Today we get word that Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo in 'Star Wars: Episode 7.'

Back what 'Star Wars: Episode 7' was first announced, Harrison Ford basically said "maybe" to the idea of returning as Han Solo, likely depending on who would be directing the new film. Now that J.J. Abrams is on board, Latino Review is reporting that Harrison Ford will indeed return as Han Solo in 'Star Wars: Episode 7!'

Latino's superhero scooper El Mayimbe was on Fox News to announce the story and says it's a "done deal."

Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams have worked together before; recently on 'Morning Glory' (which Ford starred in and Abrams produced) and earlier on 'Regarding Henry' (which Ford starred in and Abrams wrote). How much of 'Star Wars: Episode 7' will follow Han Solo remains to be seen. He could have a small supporting role or he could be a big part of the new franchise. You always had to assume there would be one major link to the original trilogy and bringing back one of the film's most iconic characters seems like a smart move.

So what does this mean for the supposed "young Han Solo" movie that's also in development? Well, it seems as if Han Solo is a big plan of this new "Disney reboot" it makes sense. You reintroduce the old Han Solo with Harrison Ford in 'Star Wars: Episode 7' and then you use one of the spinoff films to focus on his origins (and potentially link to the new trilogy in minor ways).

Does Harrison Ford returning make you any more or less excited for 'Star Wars: Episode 7?' Keep in mind that Harrison Ford returned as Indiana Jones in 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' and we all know how that turned out.

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