Drink up, boys - beer may actually help you breathe a little bit easier, as a new study indicates that the compound humulone that comes from hops can actually fight against the respiratory syncytial virus.

Now, while you may have never heard of this virus, it is an infection of the lungs and breathing passages that is commonly caused by illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the virus is most common in children well under the legal drinking age and in adults much too old to even care.

Still, according to researchers from Sapporo Medical University (Yes, this study was funded by Sapporo Breweries), the humulone found in beer has been shown to reduce the level of inflammation brought on by the virus. Yet, perhaps you are better off just sticking to the antibiotics that the doctor prescribes to you, as the study indicates that a person would have to consume 30 (12oz) cans of beer to get any real benefits from the compound.

Researchers say they are also studying other elements present in beer that may someday offer some benefits in fighting cancer. And while the presence of volatile nitrosamines has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, researchers say that with recent changes in the way beer is brewed, the beverage can be used to ward off diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, when consumed in moderation.

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