We all have very busy lives -- even people who struggle to fit blazing up a doobie into their schedules.

Check out this -- sad? -- hilarious? -- absurd? to-do list that Australian police found in a house during a raid last week.

When getting up is actually one of the items in your day, you know you're probably not reaching your full potential and the odds you're going to make a significant contribution society beyond anything Spiccoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High would find remarkable are slimmer than a heroin addict's body weight.

You can see this day was going to be chock full of weed-inhaling goodness that left little time for anything else. Otherwise, you just know "watch Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke" would've been on the list.

People may have felt this list was nothing but a toke, err, a joke, so the police jumped back on Twitter to assure everyone it was all too real. It's good to see the cops have managed to, ahem, weed out the citizens causing trouble in the world.