Convincing men they really like them in exchange for dollar bills is about as deceptive as exotic dancers get.

Miami stripper Karla Vasquez, 32, has been arrested for faking her own kidnapping in order to fool her husband while she was out with another man. Geez, if you can't trust a stripper in South Florida, who can you trust, right?

Police says Vasquez “deliberately caused her husband to call the police and report a kidnapping" after she texted him twice to say she was with two men and in a heap of trouble.

Her hubby called cops, but officers quickly caught onto her scam when they tracked her down to a home where she was shacked up with another man she had met at a bar that night and wanted to spend the night with, presumably doing some things not as G-rated as playing Scrabble.

Vasquez has been charged with providing a false report of commission of a crime. Maybe she can learn from this difficult time, like how to reduce your chances of getting caught when lying to your significant other about doing the nasty with someone else.