Guys, get ready to call your bookies. The ladies of Rick's Cabaret have made their much anticipated Super Bowl prediction and it's going to be the boys in blue.

"The Giants had a great year and they have momentum on their side," explained Rick's Girl Brandi. "It will be a close game, but I expect them to win."

While one might suspect homerism played into the dancers' Giants call (considering Rick's is in -- wait for it-- New York), ponder this:  Since they perform in the same city as the team (technically) they could be privy to inside information.

"Some of the Giants players were just here," Stefanie explained. "I won't mention any names because we respect everyone's privacy. What I can tell you is that they seemed cool, calm, and confident. And that's a winning combination."

Good enough for us. Betting the house on the Giants. Kidding, we don't own a house. Betting the bus station!