The Strokes, the "it" band of the early '00s, have confirmed that they will release their fifth album, 'Comedown Machine,' on March 26.

Something tells us the band and its camp rushed to issue a press release after a crafty user on Reddit found some link in the code on the band's website that lead to an image revealing the title and artwork. Sounds like it was a bit of a hacker discovery which beat the band to breaking its own news.

According to the official press release, 'Comedown Machine' will be made available for pre-order on iTunes and other retailers starting Feb. 19. Fans who pre-order the album at iTunes will receive an instant grat track of the first single, 'All the Time,' while 'One Way Trigger,' another track off 'Comedown Machine,' is currently available as a free download on the site.

Frontman Julian Casablancas tried to throw people off the scent earlier this morning (Jan. 30), as he tweeted an image of a girl in a dress wearing rollerblades with the word 'Rollerbladin.''

He then tweeted a sign with messy, removable lettering, suggesting it could be the cover.

All it did was confuse people, though it might have been an attempt to stanch the bleeding and throw people off the scent until the label, RCA, confirmed the news.

Somewhere, a clever, web-savvy fan is patting him or herself on the back for the discovery.