The brilliance of 'Stuck Up! 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be' is that the book delivers exactly what the title says it will: the stupid stuff people inserted into areas of their bodies where very little else belongs. Also, it's provides the pictures as proof, whether we want to see them or not.

The book, which is authored by three California doctors, are the stories - with accompanying x-rays that are real but doctored to highlight what exactly is stuck where - of the misplaced screwdriver (up the butt), glasses (butt), cassette tape (butt), Transformer toy (butt), and carrot (butt) that required ER visits.

Okay, not EVERYTHING went up the rear -- One girl swallowed part of a stethoscope and another man swallowed a razor blade but most of the x-rays are the odd things people got stuck up their bums.

The three docs behind the book said they didn't come up with the idea, but that it came to them. A lot of people show up in the ER with stuff stuck up their butts - mostly men in their 20s trying to stimulate or relax the prostate a la Stiffler in American Pie. And the stories were so ridiculous - "I was vacuuming in the nude when I suddenly fell" or "I was walking around the house naked, and I jumped into bed and suddenly." Riiiight.

This book made us cringe, made us question the behaviors of everyone around us and also made us laugh, a lot, because we're mentally little children. It also made us look warily at the Optimus Prime in the corner of our office.

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