Size may matter, but duration? Not so much.

A new study from Australia's University of Queensland has found just how long couples do the nasty.

The average time? Drum roll, please -- 5.4 minutes. That's 5.4 minutes it takes for the man to climax. The study, which focused on 500 couples from all over the world, also revealed the time ranges anywhere from 33 seconds (aka, "This is my first time") to 44 minutes (aka, "Maybe we need to have an intermission").

The study in question is pretty scientific, considering the participating couples all used a stopwatch, because nothing gets people in the mood quite like reaching for that Casio and hitting "start."

The study also found that condom use did not appear to have an impact on length of time and that people from Turkey trailed the rest of the world with an average time of 3.7 minutes. Maybe they spend too much time Turk-ing off.