The word "epic" is thrown around a lot, so it loses some its power, but make no mistake: this is epic.

In this prank that will put anything you've got in store for April Fools' Day to shame, people riding the subway discover they're being attacked by zombies. The effects are stellar and it looks like the city's transit authority was in on it, which, WTF, right?

The rides seem harmless enough -- some women hop on for what they anticipate will be a typical easy ride. Then, the conductor makes an announcement there is a technical problem, but before he can finish, it sounds like he's being mauled by someone -- or something.

Sure enough, a few moments later the passengers see first-hand that they have earned a starring role in a real-life zombie apocalypse that leaves them scared for their soon-to-be undead lives.

The stunt is pulled off to perfection, but the real heroes here are the women who are pranked. There's plenty of screaming and one woman appears to pass out from all the tumult. There's a good chance none of them will ever sleep ever again. Heck, we only watched it and there's a chance we won't ever sleep again.

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