A biker bar in the Murrels Inlet section of Myrtle Beach, SC that goes by the oh-so-fun-to-say name of "Suck Bang Blow" is fighting for its customers' right to churn out "burnouts."

For all of you non-Harley riders out there, burnouts are clouds of smoke created by spinning one's back motorcycle tire against asphalt while the front brakes are applied and it's apparently one of the manliest things we guys can do.

The county in which the bar resides called the burnouts a "public nuisance" and issued a permit that banned them. But the wild watering hole filed a federal lawsuit claiming the act is the bikers' way of “expressing their manliness and macho, as all males are prone and inclined to do to a greater or lesser degree" and should be protected by the First Amendment.

A jury trial is scheduled to take place next May, but in the meantime patrons are allowed to freely burn rubber thanks to a temporary restraining order against the county.

The legal battle raises many questions, the most prominent of which is, "Where do we draw the line?" Hocking loogies is manly, should that be banned or upheld? What about fight clubs? Personally, we think they should be going after guys wearing capri pants.

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