Meet Nahp, a SuicideGirl who works as a copywriter and can't live without fruit juice. 

Name: Nahp

Age: 27

Location: Colombia

Occupation: Copywriter

Gets me hot: The right man.

Sign: Taurus

Cigarettes: Nope

My drug use: Drug free.

I'm looking for: Whoever comes along.

My status: Exclusive relationship.

My idea of a good time: A long, slow, late dinner with friends.

I want: Friendship.

Into: Animals, photography, tattoos, body piercings, natural beauty, love and eternal love, sex, chocolate, sushi, movies, skirts, dresses, black hair, black color, Converse, socks and nature.

Not into: Dead animals, lies, taking the trash out, drama and irresponsibility.

Makes me happy:  Getting a new tattoo, my boy, cute animals, love, kisses, 100% sincerity, exercise, sushi, weekends,tattoos, sex, my music, underwear, chocolate, apples and my iPhone.

Makes me sad: Lies, cheating, suffering animals, workig late or weekends, banks, negativity, pc, silence,bad weather and exercise.

Hobbies: Sleeping, movies, design, internet and photography.

5 things I can't live without: MY music, my iPhone, love, animals and fruit juice.

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