It's the one thing that all prospective condo buyers need to worry about: Super Monsters. You know the old story. Just after you seal the deal and move in to your new condo, it's gobbled up by some lousy Super Monsters. Fortunately, Adult Swim is here with a game about this very problem -- Super Monsters Ate My Condo! And wouldn't ya know it, it's today's Free App of the Day.

Adult Swim's giant, hungry monsters from Monsters Ate My Condo are back for seconds in this wacky follow up. It's every bit as insane as the first one, with the trademark alternative humor that you can only find in Adult Swim games.

Make matches, line up colors, Spin the Monster Wheel and grab all-new boosts to rack up the highest score possible! Can you earn the rank of "Condo Eater"? We aren't sure what that even means, but it sounds good!

Throw away that contract and tell your real estate agent to take a hike. Instead, download yourself a copy of Super Monsters Ate My Condo! today for your iPhone and iPad! It's way cheaper (cause it's free).

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