Our carnal desires take a back seat to this more high-tech one.

According to an iPass survey of 1,700 business travelers, Wi-Fi was named the most important item people need each day, with 40% saying so. That came out ahead of sex, which got 37%. Not surprisingly, iPass is a company that deals in Wi-Fi services, so it funding a survey that finds Wi-Fi is the most important thing in our lives is kind of like the American Liverwurst Council putting together a poll that finds people a liverwurst casserole prefer it more than unlimited free pizza.

Most Important Daily Essentials

Wi-Fi - 40%
Sex - 37%
Chocolate - 14%
Alcohol - 9%

You do realize what this means, don't you? The dream for most people away on business is to hole up in their hotel rooms, downloading porn while eating a Snickers bar and downing a six-pack of PBR.

Do not underestimate Wi-Fi's importance in our lives. According to International Business Times, "72% of respondents claim [sic] to have chosen a hotel based on Wi-Fi availability and 21% cite [sic] this as regular make-or-break factor in the decision making process."

So, just remember all of this when the day comes all the power breaks down and we're left to live like cavemen.