Funerals suck. We don’t like to get into that sappy crap. Unless of course said funeral involves half-naked women, because half-naked women make any situation a thousand times better. Well folks, our twisted dreams have come true. Over in Taiwan, they have this whole honoring the dead thing down pat.

Basically, the Taiwanese have funeral strippers. Yup, bare butts and cleavage galore at a funeral. Jackpot! Apparently, this kind of stuff is pretty common at religious festivals in the country, so as to “appease the wandering spirits." You mean like, horny spirits? Because that’ll totally be us.

Now, this doesn’t happen during the actualfuneral. The ladies get down and pole-stripping dirty on the backs of truck beds that are converted into stages, so they can do their “appeasing” performance in the middle of the funeral procession.

This has got to be the most genius after-death idea to date. Looks like we’ll have to put “have strippers do their thing on my casket” in our wills alongside “make me a naked calendar.”

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