Sometimes you have to get dragged to a Nicholas Sparks movie to keep your lady happy. Thankfully, they have pretty girls in them.

'The Lucky One' opens this weekend, another tale of a doomed romance. This one involves a Marine returning from Iraq who finds a picture of a beautiful woman and uses it as a totem to hold his life together. Since the woman is Taylor Schilling, we can't blame him. Schilling is a Boston-born actress who was last seen in the disastrous Ayn Rand adaptation 'Atlas Shrugged,' but we won't hold that against her.

Schilling's breakthrough role was as the lead in CBS's medical drama 'Mercy,' where she played Nurse Veronica Callahan. That show was sadly cancelled after just one season, but she rebounded quickly. After the commercial failure of 'Atlas Shrugged,' producers are recasting the sequel entirely, which is probably better for Schilling anyway. She'll next be seen in 'Argo,' directed by Ben Affleck.