It's the arms, not the wrists, that the cops wanted to work out.

Police officer Eric Ball was off-duty when he caught a teen outside a movie theater in Arlington, Tex. smoking pot last month. When it came time for justice, Ball got a little creative: he told the teen that if he didn't want to get cuffed and hauled off to jail, he had to do 200 push-ups, which, come on, is hard for anyone not named Snoop, Cheech or Shaggy to do.

Seriously, doing anything physical when you're high is a challenge, so 200 push-ups is like a stoner's version of climbing Everest.

Ball tracked down the unidentified teen's mother, who was totally onboard with the punishment. "She gave a stern warning to her son and even told the officer, 'I would have made him do more push-ups,'" said a police official.

A witness took video of the impromptu workout and posted it on Facebook.

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