You can get bacon-flavored soda, bacon gravy and bacon toothpaste, so why wouldn't you want a bacon coffin?

Seattle-based J&D’s Foods announced this week (and, yes, very close to April Fool's Day) that it is now offering a bacon coffin "for people who love bacon to death." For $3,000 you can take your love of bacon to the grave by being buried in a bacon-themed coffin. Watch the promotional video:

Each steel bacon coffin has "a premium bacon exterior/interior, and includes a memorial and record tube, adjustable bed and mattress and stationary and swingbar handles." To remind you of what helped get you where you are when you're dead, the bacon coffin comes with a bacon air freshener.

When questioned, the guys behind J&D's insisted that this was not a hoax, but an extension of their branding. Co-owner Justin Esch told the Huffington Post he already sold one coffin and is getting interest from all around the world.

If the producers of the 'The Biggest Loser' had any sense, they'd jump on this opportunity, stat. Imagine show contestants who haven't shed enough weight (or dignity) being shipped off the program in a bacon coffin?

We smell an Emmy (and bacon).

[Via Kiro TV]

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