Welcome to ‘The BeatDown,’ a weekly battle of wrestling topics to discuss, debate and get in actual fights about. This week, we discuss the microphone skills of two huge WWE talents.

Being able to talk on the mic is incredibly important to a professional wrestler. If a guy is great at working the crowd he can go from mid-level to main event headliner in a matter of months. Think of many of the greats over the years and there is a 99% chance he was fantastic at cutting promos.

CM Punk and The Rock are two such examples of wrestlers that know how to get their point across on the microphone but which WWE Superstar is better at it?

The Rock

For the better part of a decade, 'The People's Champ' had the fans eating out of the palm of his hands on a weekly basis. The Rock coined more phrases, sang more songs, and actively engaged the fans more than any wrestler before him. From sexual innuendo to spoofing another guy's line, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment has done more on the mic than most guys ever do in the ring. He is still doing it today. Fans were treated to a masterful performance every time 'The Brahma Bull' waxed poetic about his utter distaste for anyone not named The Rock. Often replicated, never duplicated, Dwayne Johnson has been laying the smack down as he entertains the masses in a unique way that will arguably never be topped - if you smell what we're cooking.

CM Punk

CM Punk and his infamous "shoot" promo caught the world by storm last summer when he broke the fourth panel by pulling back the curtain on the WWE. For a handful of years, Punk has drawn the ire of pro wrestling fans around the world. He has the ability to make you love him or love to hate him. CM Punk is now a household name. The "cult of personalities" has verbally sparred with the best of the best, from John Cena to the aforementioned People's Champ - and survived. Bound by the non-attitude era of PG programming, Punk may have the cards stacked against him, but doesn't care -- because he's straight edge.

Now it's time for you to vote.

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