Tiny Planet needs your help, since you're a giant and all. Their peaceful little village was hit by a meteor and destroyed. Only through your cleverness and giant fingers can you help restore Tiny Planet to its former, pint-sized glory. Enjoy this UK puzzle/adventure hit today for free! The Tiny Bang Story -- today's Free App of the Day!

Life on Tiny Planet was pretty uneventful, which was just how they liked it there. But then disaster struck -- in the form of a meteor! The world of Tiny Planet fell apart and now it's up to you to help put it back together again. In order to restore Tiny Planet and help its inhabitants, you will have to use your imagination and creativity to fix the machines and mechanisms of that world.

The Tiny Bang Story is full of simple, yet challenging puzzles. It also has a distinctive tone and atmosphere that comes from its detailed, beautiful world that's drawn by hand. It's hard not to find it immersive and comforting. Enjoy five different chapters and over 30 stimulating brain teasers.

Journey to this unique and charming world. Download a copy of The Tiny Bang Story today for your iPhone and iPad!

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