We all have skills. Some, like knowing exactly how to figure out a 20 percent tip, are helpful. Others? Well, not so much.

This fella seems to fall in the "not helpful" category. It's actually called "finger tutting" and while it sounds like a style of fetish film, it refers to a way fingers unconventionally move.

From what we can tell, finger tutting makes for a cool party trick and a way to break the ice when talking to someone you may not know. It also looks like something some knucklehead would try on America's Got Talent before getting booted after his second performance, after which he goes back home to resume his humdrum existence as an insurance salesman where he busts out his skill at the bar at Chili's in order to score free drinks and impress some single ladies after a tough week of making cold calls.

No? Is it just us who sees all that?

If you've been inspired by the above video and want to get in on all the fun of finger tutting, check out this how-to video below and prepare to wow everyone you meet.

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